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  1. Youssef, M, De Sanctis, JB, Shah, J, Dumut, DC, Hajduch, M, Petrof, BJ, Radzioch, D (2020). Age-Dependent Progression in Lung Pathophysiology can be Prevented by Restoring Fatty Acid and Ceramide Imbalance in Cystic Fibrosis. Lung198,459-469.
  2. Garić, D, De Sanctis, JB, Dumut, DC, Shah, J, Peña, MJ, Youssef, M, Petrof, BJ, Kopriva, F, Hanrahan, JW, Hajduch, M et al. (2020). Fenretinide favorably affects mucins (MUC5AC/MUC5B) and fatty acid imbalance in a manner mimicking CFTR-induced correction. Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids1865,158538.
  3. Moarbes, V, Mayaki, D, Huck, L, Leblanc, P, Vassilakopoulos, T, Petrof, BJ, Hussain, SNA (2019). Differential regulation of myofibrillar proteins in skeletal muscles of septic mice. Physiol Rep7,e14248.
  4. Moroz, N, Maes, K, Leduc-Gaudet, JP, Goldberg, P, Petrof, BJ, Mayaki, D, Vassilakopoulos, T, Rassier, D, Gayan-Ramirez, G, Hussain, SN et al. (2019). Oxidants Regulated Diaphragm Proteolysis during Mechanical Ventilation in Rats. Anesthesiology131,605-618.
  5. Liang, F, Emeriaud, G, Rassier, DE, Shang, D, Gusev, E, Hussain, SNA, Sage, M, Crulli, B, Fortin-Pellerin, E, Praud, JP et al. (2019). Mechanical ventilation causes diaphragm dysfunction in newborn lambs. Crit Care23,123.
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Podcast with Dr. Basil Petrof – February 2015
Accelerating new treatments for respiratory diseases
Innovation at the Glen: the CFI talks to our researchers

Basil Petrof heads the program for translational research in respiratory diseases at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre. His research group recently participated in a clinical trial that proved the efficacy of a new therapy that burns away the muscle tissue in the lungs of asthmatic patients to help open their airways. It’s this kind of cutting-edge discovery that Petrof expects will move more rapidly from concept to proven treatment thanks to the new facilities at the RI-MUHC.

Podcast with Dr. Basil Petrof – October 2014
Patients Referred to Neurologists with Respiratory Symptoms: Is it Pompe Disease?